N.I.T Warangal transcripts and WES procedure

I wanted my ECA for my Bachelor’s Degree(B.TECH) at NIT Warangal, which is a deemed university.When I started my WES process, I was having many doubts running through my mind as how to go with the process. At times, I was anxious whether I was doing the things right. Any mistake would mean a delay in getting ECA by WES and further tension.So, here is the procedure I followed.


First Step:I paid the fees for WES from the portal. Took a print out of the transcripts request form. Took another printout of the WES address along with my reference number.

I called the university guys on Thursday. Took all the details and told them I would visit on Monday(So, they are fresh from a weekend). I even requested them to complete the procedure on that itself and for the same, I was asked to reach early in the morning.

I set out on a long trip along with my wife to Warangal on bike(our first). It was a little late by the time we reached and unluckily, the office people left for lunch. Waited eagerly for their return and once they are back, I quickly paid the fee for 10 transcipts which was 1000 rupees. If opted, they can also mail the transcripts directly to WES through DHL or FedEx but at an additional cost of 3000 which I was not ready to pay. I had other plans – To send the transcripts by India Post.

NIT exam center guys were quick enough to give me ten sets of sealed transcripts. I quickly reached the University post office and posted the transcipts through registered post.


After sending the transcripts, I showed around the University to my wife. She liked the place and we even for sightseeing later.

I waited for days to see updates in my WES portal. One day I waked up to see a notification from WES app that they received my documents and it is pending for review.

The second stage of wait started and it was a long one. I was anxious whether they would be accepted because I posted them myself though I did not tamper with the seal of the transcripts envelope.I was dreadful of the ” The documents were not sent by the institution” message. But after an agonizing wait, I got a notification that the documents are accepted and there is no action required from my side. They gave me a date by which the WES evaluation would be completed. It was 45 days away and this was a less stressful wait.

Just on the date intimated before, I got my evaluation report and I got a Bachelor’s Canadian equivalency.

I’m sure if you did a M.Tech (Master’s) from NIT Warangal or any other NIT in India, you can follow this procedure and get WES evaluation.


Protip: To save yourself from anxiety and stress, let the university mail the transcripts through DHL or FedEx though you will have to shell out more money. Not only you can sleep well at night, you will save considerable time as well.


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