H1B visa holder couple get Canada PR

This couple , both of them on  US H1B visa voted for Canada when chosing between US H1B vs Canada PR. Lets listen to their story and their journey.

Tell us about your background: Where are you from?, What have you studied?, What do u do at present?.

 I am software testing engineer and have done bachelors in my field. My country of citizenship is India and am residing at present in Boston, USA. At present I am a QA consultant at Cognizant.

Why did you chose to apply for Canada PR despite a comfortable life with US H1B?

Canada offers to be more stable in terms of their policies regarding immigrants. I have been in USA on H1B visa but have never felt secure in terms of my future but Canada,being bit tough in applying for PR provides me a better future.

How do you feel about the immigration application procedure?.Easy?.Any tricky parts?.

The Canada PR process is straightforward…but lengthy. Everything about the process is stated on the official CIC website word by word. Its only that we need to study each step before applying for the PR. And after all,youtube provides you all the information. Regarding the tricky part,there are many small but important points stated which can be ignored if not read properly. For eg;filling the express entry (EE) profile where we need to choose the province we need to reside in and we should choose all them in order to increase our chance of getting the PR visa.

Did you get the PR already?

Yes I have the permanent residency (PR) visa.

How was your job search experience?. Any tips you would like to share with the readers?.

For me, the job search is still on. I am using different portals like LinkedIn, monsterca.com ,etc. The job search is more fruitfull for the ones who already have a PR in comparision to the ones who are still in the process.

Did you take help of any agent in your PR application procedure? Is it really necessary?.

If you are someone into much of technology and online stuff,then its very easy for u to complete the PR and immigration process by yourself. If not, then you must hire a consultant so that you dont miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is your CRS. Have you tried any ways to increase your CRS like taking IELTS again? Whats your IELTS score?

My CRS was 467.My husband became the main applicant.
Regarding IELTS, I already had enough of score to get me through so I dint do anything to increase my IELTS score. My IELTS score was CLB 8 and my husbands was CLB 9.

Initially my crs was 467…but then the federal draw was of 471 so we were not selected in federal draw…but we waited for PNP and got invitation from Alberta province. Then the score increased to  1067 after 600 points for PNP nomination.

CLB9 is a perfect IELTS score.There’s a common misconception that IDP IELTS is easier compared to BC or vice versa. Your thinking about this? .Which test have you taken?

I took BC one so dont know much about the other one. My IELTS was normal in terms of complexity. I prepared for my IELTS using BC official website.

Whats your NOC code?.Are you thinking of/ have you upgraded your skills before moving to Canada.

My NOC code was the one for COMPUTER DESIGN(sorry i dont remember my exact NOC). And no I did not upgrade my skill as my NOC is in demand in Canada.

Any stage of the process which felt tricky for you or any suggestions for applicants where mistakes can be made?

The only thing which i would like to suggest for the applicants is please complete with your ECA and IELTS as soon as possible, because this is the only thing that will take unknown time. Rest everything will be completed within the given time limit.

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