H1B Visa holder applying for Canada immigration

I was able to contact Mr Ankit who is  an H1B visa holder working in the US and has applied for Canada immigration. He submitted his PR application with Alberta PNP. He was very helpful in writing the answers to the numerous questions we asked him.

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So, lets dig into the QnA:

A picture of Ankit.

Me :Hello Ankit. Thank you so much for accepting our request to do a interview. We are extremely delighted to do our first interview with you. Lets start our interview.

Me:Tell us about your background: Where are you from?, What have you studied?, What do u do at present?

I am from India, have done B.Tech in CS. I am in the US on H1B work visa since 2014, working as a Sr Quality assurance (QA) analyst.

Me:Being H1B visa holder, why did you choose to apply for Canada immigration?.

Simple, for better stability . H1B is a mess in the US. Last year I have spent almost an year to get my petition renewed then I went for a vacation to India along with that had to get visa renewed, got 221g in visa stamping , 221g is an additional administrative processing which can take upto 6 months.So, I was stuck in India for 5 months and then got the visa stamped. I have dealt with uncertainty throughout this duration as I was continuing to pay the rent here in the USA.

Me: How do you feel about the PR application procedure for immigration ?.Easy?.Any tricky parts?

Overall its moderate, doesn’t seem to be complicated to me, cannot think of any tricky parts as such.

Me: Did you get the PR already?. If not, at what stage of the application procedure are you at?

NO. I have submitted all the required documents and waiting for PPR. The 6 month waiting period just got completed.

Me:How was your job search experience?. Any tips you would like to share with the readers?

NA, but suggestion would be to start building and maintaining LinkedIn connections before moving to Canada.

Me:Did you take help of any agent in your PR application procedure? Is it really necessary?

No, one can take care of the process/application themselves, lots of youtube videos are available and CIC website itself is elaborative.

Me:What is your CRS. Have you tried any ways to increase your CRS like taking IELTS again? Whats your IELTS score?

CRS is more than 1000, I am a PNP (Alberta) candidate.Getting PNP means additional 600 points to the CRS score and a sure shot way to get ITA (Invitation to apply). Have not explicitly tried to increase score.

Me: There is a common misconception that IDP IELTS is easier compared to BC or vice versa. Your thinking about this? .Which test have u taken?

No opinions on this as I have only appeared for 1 exam of IELTS with British Council (BC).

Me:Whats your NOC code?.Are you thinking of/ have you upgraded your skills before moving to Canada?.

NOC is 0213, I have to work on my domain knowledge, I am working with media clients and Canada may have financial companies. Again, if someone is working as a QA or a tester, then , they should have automation skills.

Me: Any stage of the immigration process which felt tricky for you or any suggestions for applicants where mistakes can be made?

NA, cannot think of any.

That’s the end of the interview as we ran out of questions for him. If you have any questions for him, ask them in the comment section below.

In short, Ankit didn’t like the uncertainty associated with H1B visa life in the USA. So, Canada Permanent residency is a nice alternative to H1B. Life would be less stressful and he can lead an equally good life after he finds a job in his domain, which is QA.

As we write the post, U.S President Donald Trump suspended H1B and L1 visas till December 2020.

We, from GetCanadaPr wish Ankit great success in his future endeavors. Hope he continues to share his experiences with our community.


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