PhD holder from USA successfully immigrates to Canada

We met Shipra, a lady gifted with both elegance and intelligence on the social media. Her case sounded special to us as she completed her PhD from an American University and tried the Canadian immigration route. She recently got the PR and moved to Canada as well. Even though she was just settling in the new country, she didn’t hesitate to provide answers to our questions on her Canadian immigration journey.

Without further ado, here is the excerpt of our interview:

Tell us about your background: Where are you from?, What have you studied?, What do u do at present?

     From Delhi. PhD. Postdoctoral research.

In my experience, very less people from PhD stream come to Canada.Why did you chose to apply for Canada PR?

      For immigration security.

How do you feel about the PR application procedure?.Easy?.Any tricky parts?.

      It was straightforward for us.

Did you get the PR already?


How was your job search experience?. Any tips you would like to share with the readers?.

     Haven’t started yet

Did you take help of any agent in your PR application procedure? Is it really necessary?

     No. Not necessary at all

What is your CRS. Have you tried any ways to increase your CRS like taking IELTS again? Whats your IELTS score?

     Our crs was 475. Cut off was 459. IELTS: LRS 8.5, 8.5, 8.5, W7. 

That’s an outstanding IELTS score.There’s a common misconception that IDP IELTS is easier compared to BC and vice versa. Your thinking about this? .Which test have you taken?

    I have no knowledge/experience/info on this

Whats your NOC code?.Are you thinking of/ have you upgraded your skills before moving to Canada.

  I don’t remember the NOC code exactly. But I claimed for University lecturer  and   graduate research assistant. May be it is NOC 4011/4012.

Any stage of the process which felt tricky for you or any suggestions for applicants where mistakes can be made?

 There can be numerous things that I read on blogs, but we were lucky everything was straightforward. But I’d admit researched a lot for every little thing to make sure I was on the right path.


We have more questions for her but that would form another blog post. If you have more questions for her, ask them in the comment box below. I will try to get the answers for them. GetCanadaPr team wishes Shipra a successful life ahead in Canada.

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